Who We Are

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Who we are

Welcome to Nshozi Coffee, where Nshozi Coffee, where we are passionate about producing high-quality Arabica coffee. We are challenging the current position of Uganda in the specialty coffee sector and elevating the country to an appreciated origin.

Despite being capable of producing exceptional coffees, Uganda has been relatively unknown and under-appreciated in the specialty coffee market. At Nshozi Coffee, we believe that this should not be the case. We are committed to showcasing the unique flavors and characteristics of Ugandan coffee to the world and creating a strong reputation in quality and uniqueness for our origin.

Founded in 2021, Nshozi Coffee is committed to providing our customers with coffee that is consistently high in quality. We achieve this by carefully selecting coffee varieties, improving the growing conditions, processing and post processing storage and handling. By standardizing protocols, focusing on quality and consistency, we hope to challenge preconceived notions about the consistency of Ugandan coffee from year to year.

Nshozi Coffee is committed to delivering high quality, sustainable coffee produced under the best regenerative farming practices. Nshozi is keen to transform Uganda’s coffee supply chain through a model that improves the quality of life for smallholder farmers and supports a complimentary natural ecosystem. Our approach emphasizes the need to boost farm productivity and improve profitability for coffee farmers.

To achieve these benefits for farmers and communities, Nshozi Coffee has developed an innovative regenerative agriculture and community financing model to influence local economies, farmer incomes and coffee quality. We work closely with our farmers to ensure that they follow sustainable and ethical farming practices that prioritize environmental and social responsibility.

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We believe that we can improve the quality of life of the farmers and demonstrate their unrealized potential by generating an eco-system based on quality, ensuring stable living incomes, and generating positive social and environmental impact. Our core values guide us in how we conduct ourselves —as individuals at Nshozi, as the Nshozi team and coffee communities. In this ever-changing world of agriculture, our core values are constant. They underlie our work, how we interact with each other and which strategies we employ to fulfill our mission.We continue to develop our capacities, grow our farmer networks and impact the communities that live on the benefits of the coffee value chain.

What makes us different


We strictly work on the highest attention for quality and satisfaction of our clients by providing premium quality coffee beans.

On time delivery

We always ship the coffee that our buyer’s has sampled and dedicated to our customers’ schedules and on timely bases of shipment.


We work in all our capacity to provide sustainable service and establish long term business relationship with our buyer’s.

Quality Control

Nshozi Coffee is committed to delivering high quality, sustainable coffee produced under the best farming practices.

Mission & Vision


To lead the change in Uganda’s specialty coffee industry by delivering high quality, ethical and sustainable coffees.


To create a sustainable and equitable coffee industry in Uganda that empowers farmers, prioritizes quality, promotes environmental stewardship, and generates positive social impact.

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Our Values

At Nshozi Coffee, we strive to build strong relationships with coffee farmers, the land that grows the coffee and the buyers that import our coffees. We use organic and regenerative agricultural systems to produce our single origin coffee varieties.


We are committed to delivering top notch specialty quality coffee to our clients under the best farming practices while ensuring authenticity in the value chain.


We care about our employees, clients and farmer communities while upholding community values of accountability and Ubuntu Philosophy – I am Because We Are.

We believe in the power of community to drive positive change, and we strive to build strong relationships with the communities where we operate. We work to support local initiatives and create economic opportunities for farmers and entrepreneurs.


We are passionate about creating a positive impact for the farmers and all stakeholders along the entire coffee value chain. We are aware that there are many farmers making a living through coffee, and we pledge to support, mentor, and empower them with knowledge of the best farming techniques to ensure growth and productivity, offer prices that are higher than prevailing prices and support income diversification.

We take responsibility for our actions and strive to minimize our environmental footprint through sustainable farming practices and other initiatives. We measure our success not just by our financial performance, but also by the positive impact we have on people and the planet.